Treadstone Tire Recycling offers comprehensive tire recycling services including site cleanups, tire drop-off, and pick-up services in the Chicagoland area, ensuring responsible recycling and environmental compliance

Welcome to Treadstone Tire Recycling

Treadstone Tire Recycling, nestled in Joliet, IL, has been at the forefront of tire recycling efforts for over 15 years. This commitment involves a close partnership with the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, ensuring the responsible recycling of tires from across the Chicagoland area. Our services are comprehensive, catering to both individual and commercial needs with options for tire drop-off, pick-up arrangements, and site cleanup assistance. By choosing Treadstone Tire Recycling, you’re not just disposing of tires; you’re contributing to a larger movement towards environmental sustainability, helping to reduce waste in landfills, cut down on pollution, and support the recycling economy. We invite you to reach out for a quote and become a part of our eco-friendly mission.

Why Choose us?

Selecting Treadstone Tire Recycling means partnering with a leader in sustainable tire disposal in the Chicagoland area. Our commitment to environmental stewardship, combined with our comprehensive range of services — from convenient tire drop-off and pick-up services to extensive site cleanup — sets us apart. We pride ourselves on our efficiency, customer service, and adherence to environmental compliance, ensuring that every tire we process contributes positively to our community and the planet. Choose us for your tire recycling needs and join our mission for a greener, cleaner future.